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view of mountains in Killington

Your specific building and unit number are available in your booking confirmation.


Check In
Our standard check-in time is noted in your booking confirmation. Early check-in is not allowed unless it has been previously arranged. When you arrive, please let us know if anything is not acceptable or any damage is present. We strive to have everything perfect for your arrival and want to address any issues right away.


Smart Lock Code
Please remember that no one will meet you at the property. There is a smart lock on the door which allows entry with the access code sent to you via in-app messaging or email, and text.


Please note that your access code is only valid during your check in and check out times. Outside of these times, the access code will not work.


The Wi-Fi name and password were provided with your smart lock code and are also available via your booking app.


Our condo is located just off Route 4 in Killington, VT in the Pico Resort complex. Turn into Pico Mountain, and then follow the road straight towards the main slope area. Our building is Building “C” on the left side of the main walkway. Each building has a unit letter that matches your unit. A GPS or Google Maps will provide more detailed directions to Killington, Vermont and the condo as well.


Be very careful of the small towns that you pass through on the way to Killington. The speed limit in some places drops from 55mph to 30mph within a mile and the local police often have speed traps set up for unsuspecting visitors.


Extra guests are not allowed unless disclosed in advance. Guests are not allowed to bring pets. Bringing a pet will result in immediate eviction.


The condo will be cleaned prior to your arrival and after your departure. All kitchen and condo supplies are available for your use. You may leave towels hanging and linens on the beds when departing.


Quiet Hours
As mentioned in our house rules, our property is in a condo complex and not suitable for parties or events. We have strict quiet hours from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


We are committed to Rent Responsibly standards. This means we follow best-in-class guidelines to ensure you have a peaceful, safe and memorable stay with us. We may use smart home technology to improve your experience. Minut is a smart home device that measures volume levels throughout the property and allows us to respond to noise nuisances without disrupting your stay. Minut is 100% privacy compliant and may be installed on this property. If you have any questions, please ask. We are committed to your comfort so please let us know if we can do anything during your stay to make it more enjoyable.


Linens and Supplies
Sheets, towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tissue and some K-cups are provided.


The parking lot is large, and you may park in any available space. Do not block the fire lanes or park on the slope side of C & D buildings. You will be towed.


Firewood is available from a locked wood bin between H building and the Pico Sports Center and next to the dumpster in front of E building. There is a key in the condo for the firewood. Please lock-up after you collect your wood. Take all necessary steps to operate fireplaces safely. See attached. Upon departure, leave ashes in the fireplace.


Pico Resort
You are located at Pico Mountain Resort and can walk directly to the lifts. Pico Mountain is closed on non-holiday Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Pool and Fitness Room
The Pico Sports Center is located just across from the condo and available to guests for a fee. You may buy a day pass.


Driving to Killington Resort
Killington Resort is about a 11-minute drive from the condo. Pico Resort is skiable from the condo when conditions permit.


“The Bus” picks up and drops off at the main building of our condo complex every hour starting at 7:36am. The cost is $2 in exact change to go to Killington Resort and free to return. You can find the schedule here. Just look for the “Pico Resort Hotel” stop for our condo, and either K1 Base Lodge or Snowshed Base Lodge for the mountain.


No Smoking / Vaping
No smoking or vaping is allowed in the condo. If you wish to smoke, you may only smoke outside. Please properly dispose of any cigarette butts. Any smoking in the condo will result in a $450 smoking charge.


Well Water
Our condo has well water that is high in mineral content. Some people do not like the “taste” of well water, so we recommend that you bring your own bottled water. The high iron content may also cause some discoloration of bathroom fixtures. If you notice any leaks in faucets or toilets, please notify us immediately. The water is also hard and may leave a white haze on glassware and kitchenware. The Lemi Shine dishwashing detergent we provide helps to eliminate this, but other brands are not as effective.


Trash and Recycling
If you need to take out your trash and recycling, you may deposit it in the dumpster on the far side of Building “D”. Do not leave trash outside of unit.


There is a coin operated laundry on the main floor of the building.


Heat is controlled by the thermostats on the wall.


Please let us know if anything breaks during your stay or you find anything broken. We expect several things to break from time to time and want to make sure that we replace things as needed.



Your check out time is noted in your booking confirmation. Upon your departure, please do the following:


  • Turn the thermostats to 60 degrees.
  • Make sure there is no fire in the fireplace. Please leave all burnt logs and ash.
  • Close all windows and make sure they are latched.
  • Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, add dishwasher detergent and press start.
  • Turn off all lights and electronic devices.
  • Close all doors and make sure they are locked. This includes the front door and balcony door.

Your help with these few items is deeply appreciated and will ensure that we can return your full security deposit. If you have any problems with any of these tasks, please let us know.


For non-emergency issues or maintenance requests, please contact us through the app, by email to [email protected] or by phone at 802-736-7467. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. For life threatening emergencies, please dial 911.


We hope you enjoy your stay. We have done everything we can to make our property the perfect spot for your vacation. We welcome any suggestions or comments on how we can improve.


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