Ahh… Killington in June is a magical place.

Yesterday, June 1, was Killington’s last ski day of the season. While Superstar did not make it for full top to bottom skiing this year, that did not dissuade a large crowd from coming our for the final hoorah – and a free t-shirt!

I was able to take my son up Superstar for his first June 1 trip, and it was an experience to remember. That started off the whole weekend of summer activities which included a stop at the annual Catfish Derby at The Foundry followed by an owner’s pool party at Mountain Green Resort.

Sunday was Killington’s first 5K race after all the Killington Elementary school students trained so hard, followed by a BBQ for the Killington Recreation Center’s street hockey club.

Many others headed out to hit the mountain bike trails, hike, kayak or paddle board. There’s so much to do here once the summer hits. It’s short, so be sure and get out and enjoy it!

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